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Preparing For Your Visit
Hearing Tests in Peterborough – What to Expect

The first time you come see us at City Hearing Aid Centre in Peterborough, you’ll want to know what to expect; so we’re sharing some tips on how to prepare yourself for your hearing test in Peterborough . To start, you’ll want to bring along a family member or friend who can help answer questions about your hearing-related behaviour.

Learn About Your Hearing

You’ll learn some interesting details about hearing. For instance, did you know that a hearing loss can actually make you feel physically tired? Knowing the mechanics of hearing will give you the tools to describe your needs, so that our hearing aid specialists can fit you with the hearing aids that will best rectify your particular hearing issues. This assessment can start at home. You’ll find on the “Preparing for Your Visit” page of this brochure some questions that will help us attend to your unique situation during the hearing test in Peterborough.

The Hearing Test Peterborough Depends On

Of course, we will administer a painless hearing examination while you’re here to determine the extent and details of your hearing loss, such as what type. This simple test involves nothing more than raising your hand when you hear a “beep” or other sound. In that way, we’ll be able to determine your hearing aid needs. If you have questions about your first visit, City Hearing Aid Centre is always happy to answer them –just call or email us for more information on hearing tests in Peterborough .

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