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Noise Protection And Reduction
Noise Protection And Reduction

We Have Protection for Every Type of Activity Including:

  • Aviation noise locations, construction work sites where noise damage can easily aggregate causing damage to your ears.
  • Emergency crews where prolonged exposure to loud alarm signals can render damage.
  • Industrial working locations and labour sites where constant noise decibel levels become a threat to your hearing quality.
  • Leisure pursuits where even listing to your favourite music band, or attending a sporting event can expose your sensitive ears to noise damage situations.
  • Medical and dental practitioners who are surrounded by the constant whine of drills and high velocity motors.
  • Motorsport enthusiasts attending events or servicing competitive vehicles operating in close proximity to one another and creating an aggregate of constant as well as potentially damaging noise.
  • A number of additional occupations such as delivery drivers, truckers, and staffing positions at very large public events where the noise decibel level can creep up and potentially cause long term damage to your precious hearing health.

We have a plug for every occasion and occupation.

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